Thrive Themes Review

Why We Love It, How We Use It, What Its Done For Our Software Business

Choosing the right theme for your WordPress blog can sometimes be like trying to pick out clothing to wear for the day.  It can eat up a lot of your precious time if you aren’t careful because there are simply too many options out there.

I’ve personally built 100’s of websites and used as many themes.  When I’m building out new money sites, I like to try new free themes from the WordPress Repository just to see what’s out there and if anything new catches my attention that might make me switch.  But to be honest, I don’t think it’s ever happened that way.   The only time I’ve changed themes is when a developer is working on one of our projects and prefers a theme of his own to work with, and I check it out based on their recommendation.

For all of our companies software/membership sites that require me to be fast, with good design abilities there is only one theme I usually turn to.  Avada.  I love the framework, I’m comfortable with how it works and that makes me fast at deploying new sites, even with complex design elements.  I’m just experienced with it and time is money.  That’s definitely one good thing about choosing one theme framework and sticking with it site to site.  You get fast at it!

However,  lately I’ve been digging back into ThriveThemes because every time I use it I fall in love with it a little more.  It’s not even the actual themes I’m in love with although they are great and it comes with 7 different themes you can use out of the box.

But where I’m really loving it is actually all their fantastic plugins that come bundled with it that add so much crazy cool functionality to my sites.

My love for Thrive was actually rekindled because of my personal site that I haven’t updated in a while.  I chose Thrive to build that site years back and it was pretty dam good back then.  I really liked the live editor to build out pages vs saving and viewing drafts every time I made a change.

(I think that was the feature which attracted me to it in the first place.) 

But I logged in a few months back just to check on things and I updated the Theme and noticed a lot had changed.

First they added a single Product Manager plugin which now allows me to easily add any or all of their Themes & Plugins that come with the membership with one click.  Before you had to download and upload any theme and plugin you wanted to use.  This new product manager makes it far faster.

But once I saw all the plugins in one place (I hadn’t visited their home page in awhile), and I started to play around with them, I was instantly hooked.

So to show you the features of Thrive Themes that I’m actually using, and how they look I decided to shoot this video as my Thrive Themes Review.  It will tell the story a lot faster than me typing another word!


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