A vs B Keyword Research

How To Use Keyword Supremacy To Easily Find
Unlimited Golden Nugget Comparison Keywords

Alright, first off I have to give props to Matt Diggity for even giving me this idea. He posted a question in his private Facebook Group regarding the best way to find A vs B type keywords, and immediately I knew Keyword Supremacy would be good at it.

But I had no idea how good until I dug in and tried it for myself.

The idea behind A vs B type keyword research is that the searcher is highly likely to be on the hunt for the best solution to their problem, and is now comparing one to another. It’s pretty safe to assume that these types of keywords have a fairly high buyer intent behind them, so ranking for them could result in some nice affiliate commissions.

The number of comparison type keywords is basically unlimited and growing all the time as new products, services and fads come on the market. And they don’t just fall into a single category. People compare all kinds of things within a plethora of categories.

Here’s just a few examples taken from the video below:

Hosting – HostGator vs SiteGround

Products – BowFlex vs Nordictrack

Products – DJI Mavick vs Spark

Diets – Keto vs Paleo

In the video below, I teach you how to use our keyword research software, Keyword Supremacy to dig up these keywords in just seconds, and get the search volume, CPC & Adwords Competition for each of them.

I then take you a bit further and outline how you can dig even deeper with your findings and uncover a whole array of related keywords that you can target!

The possibilities are MIND BOGGLING if you just get started down the rabbit hole and see where you end up!


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