It is no surprise LinkedIn is the best place to find professional connections. LinkedIn is full of professional, business people. They have a higher net worth. You are able to connect with higher level executives directly – avoiding the gatekeeper completely. These stats alone make LinkedIn leads the most valuable leads you can get in front of (more than any other social media network).

So how do you take these connections and convert them to paying customers?

First, you should know, anyone can do this. We have a three step formula that has helped us book over 513,000 appointments. More on that soon.

It is also important to note, a full calendar is a happy calendar!

Are you suffering from “Empty Calendar Syndrome”? Don’t worry, most people are. The national average is somewhere between 2-3 appointments per week. PER WEEK.

The truth of the matter is – the only way to make money is by getting on the phone with your appointments and closing deals.

Quick question for you. What is the number one thing a business needs to thrive?

A. Clients
B. Leads
C. Customers
D. All of the above.

Absolutely, D. Without clients, leads or customers a business will undoubtedly fail. With LinkedIn, finding your perfect prospect is like hitting the “easy button”! There is an endless pool of prospects – over 500 million users and growing everyday.

This is where it gets juicy. To tap into the gold mine of LinkedIn and find your perfect prospects there are three steps to follow and repeat:

  1. Connect: Laser beam target and connect with your ideal prospects.
  2. Message: Write your connections and lock in an appointment.
  3. Monetize: Close the deal!

Step 1: Connecting.

LinkedIn is a trusted website. That is why it is so easy to connect with people you don’t actually know. Getting a connection is the first “yes” on the path to the sale.

Plus, every time you connect with someone, you get their email address as well!

Step 2: Messaging.

Deliverability is 100% when sending from your LinkedIn inbox to someone else’s LinkedIn inbox. They will also get an email notification that you sent them a message. Double whammy!

The idea behind the message is to build the relationship with them to achieve their desired results. Not to be spammy or go on and on about yourself. Few messaging tips: keep it short, clear and concise and personalize the message.

Step 3: Monetizing.

Most. Important. Step!

Get the lead on LinkedIn and immediately take it off LinkedIn to get them on the phone. Take your new lead through a 15-minute needs analysis, audit, discovery session or whatever you want to call it. This won’t be the hard close meeting, it is a ‘getting to know you’ session. The second call is the ‘money making call’ because by then you would have already established a relationship. Pro tip: get a calendar link to make booking meetings a snap.

LinkedIn is where you can search and communicate with your ideal prospects, build a database and email list of people interested in your product or service, and even provide your connections with LinkedIn services to help THEM find their perfect prospects.

If you see the value in LinkedIn to build your business and make 2019 the best year yet, you will absolutely want to get in on this training.

Ready to get your hands on this opportunity and put your LinkedIn profile to work? Get started by registering for our online training course below.

The LinkedIn Opportunity

By: Cory Sanchez

That led to some discussion we learned about Cory and his partner Ira …

Our Heads Practically Exploded!

Why? Because these guys were reaping big money and building a huge business from a lead source that we had barely touched.

We knew a few marketers that did well with LinkedIn, but many who did poorly, too. We figured it was a worked over, saturated lead niche by now…
Cory and Ira set us straight and we’ve never been the same since.

We’re not alone in being impressed by Cory and Ira, as Forbes magazine included them on a list of “Movers And Shakers” in LinkedIn and internet marketing. (see below)

It’s hard not to be impressed with 2 marketers, sharp guys no doubt, who brought in 186 clients in 6 months and are still growing right now, just from LinkedIn traffic.

By the way, those clients all pay monthly fees ranging from $1,000 monthly (their minimum) all the way up to $2,500 monthly.

(Incidentally they showed us sufficient proof to know this is true.)

As you’ll see Cory and Ira do not do ‘cheap quickie training’. They either do it full bore, pedal to the metal, take no prisoners or not at all.

..and their high prices reflect the value.

Our demand as part of the bargain, was a price that they initially refused…”We don’t make our “high octane courses” available for free”, they replied. Todd told them, “No big discount, no big deal…it’s your call.”

I’m happy to report they finally agreed and what you’re about to see will blow your mind, just like it did mine.

I know I’m getting ahead of myself but as you’ll see, this offer is one of the best we’ve ever made.

Typical LinkedIn Advice DOESN’T WORK!

Getting Bad Advice on LinkedIn?

You’d be amazed how many LinkedIn ‘authorities’ are all talk – no walk. The amount of bad advice out there is stunning!

How hard is it to pretend to be a LinkedIn guru? Not hard at all.

Few will investigate you and fewer still know what to look for. OR they could be a once-upon-a type expert, y’know 5 or 6 years ago they knew a little…before all the changes.

But It Gets Worse:

While much of their advice doesn’t work…some of these pretenders actually can make things WORSE for you on LinkedIn!
I know that’s sounds crazy, but it’s true.

A Word To The Wise:

No expert should be consulted, no course purchased, no training enrolled in UNTIL you know WHO you are listening to. Cory and Ira’s real world credentials are unparalleled.

Unless you have experienced their LinkedIn training you haven’t experienced LinkedIn training.

Forbes Magazine said…

“Cory Michael Sanchez and Ira Rosen co-founders of, bestselling authors, international speakers, and winners of the prestigious Phoenix Business Journal’s “Marketer Of The Year” award.

Cory and Ira are respected globally as top B2B & LinkedIn lead generation and conversion experts.

Customers using their proprietary breakthrough leads system have booked over 500,000 appointments into the their sales pipelines…”

Their strategy is now YOURS in this FREE course showing you the 3 step system to making money with LinkedIn.

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