Want to learn the most effective, easiest list building method that does not require, Ads, Sales Pages or Funnels?

Great follow along, and I will teach you something you most likely have never seen of or heard about.

I’m coining this “The Flexy List Building Method” I’m bringing sexy back to list building. And this is probably the most underlooked less known way to build a list. At the same time, it’s the lowest barrier to entry. After I explain why you should be investigating this method my goal is to equip you with a new and quick way to build and engage your list using this new undiscovered method for building a list.

Why am I dubbing this as “The Flexy List Building Method.” Because it’s the most versatile way you can build your list, you can use it with anything you can stick a link to. We will dive more deeply into this soon. And I’m sure by now you have heard about bot and messenger marketing. “The Flexy Method” is used in combination of messenger marketing along with what I call smart or FLEXY links. These links are the secret sauce to any old school online marketing tactic. It will all come together here very soon. So treat my part of this book as a guide to get you up and running on how to build your very own “Flexy Links.”

Attention, attention, we are in what’s called the attention economy. OK, so you know the best value or the best thing that any marketer wants to go after. Attention, sure It’s not hard to get eyeballs, eyeballs, impressions that’s not hard to get. But Attention is another level. It’s like when someone sits down to watch their favorite TV show; they’re giving that TV show all of their attention. That’s why they pepper advertisements through because those advertisers know there’s a good chance most of the people in that demographic are going to at least see their ads. Now, if they’re going to take action is another thing. With messenger it allows your customers to take action while it grabs attention because Facebook™ has done such a great job creating an environment inside of Messenger. Where they’ve made it fun, they brought in emotions, they brought in emojis, stickers, voice, video calls and gifs making it part of life’s journey.

It’s integrated as part of life now. It’s starting to. It’s becoming part of life as we know it so pretty smart on Facebook all within Messenger. So let’s look at some messenger statistics.

Over 1.3 Billion users are on messenger right now. I’m pretty sure that your demographic is in Messenger. There’s a good chance that any of your demographics are in Messenger.

67% of people expect to message more in the next two years.

67% expect to do it more. They just know it’s coming.

10 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month on Messenger.

55% of people said being able to message a business makes them feel more like likely to trust the business. That’s huge. BTW, if you have a business you want to work with and they’re immediately responding to you, even if it’s a Bot, (we’ll talk about that a little bit later on) even if it’s a Bot, the fact that they’re responding to you gives you that feeling there are a brick and mortar behind it. There’s an accomplished set up the structured company that I can trust and do commerce with. So it’s like one of those things like all these little trust values, and you can add to your business, which increases conversions.

55% say that they would trust a business that has responses in messenger.

56% of the people would rather message than call customer support. Again, that’s instant gratification. Getting answers to my question right away and if you need to pop on life, which Facebook has set it up to where you can if a customer asks a question that your bot can’t handle, you’re going to be notified inside of Facebook and messenger. So pretty cool. We have something built in there as well inside of SegMateApp.

70% of returning students in the US would rather use messenger to contact a school with an application question that’s just showing you the younger demographics are already adapting and have already adapted to messenger already.

53% of who message businesses are more likely to shop with a business. They can message directly.

63% of people say being able to message a business makes them feel closer to the business.

So again, kind of going on that trust factor. Now let’s look at some email statistics, versus messenger, because everybody likes to show a versus e-mail versus messenger statistics.

I’ll be completely transparent here. It is two different verticals. It is different. There’s just a different marketing sense in there. Because email is long-form sales copy. Typically there’s usually a storyboard or something that’s grabbing curiosity, grabbing your attention, pulling you through a message, getting you to click a button, and that’s typically how email works. Where messenger is very short, it’s more conversational, so it actually should be easier for you to create a messenger Bot than it is to write an email because it’s very short. Once you get the hang of it, you will see.

It’s like you’d want to take that same email that you would build in one long email and shorten it drastically. Get some clicks and get them in the direction they want to go. Hey, they have options to go to a button or options to move off that list or move into a different subscription. So there a little bit different.

If you look here, 24%, 25% open rates, that’s pretty good. Internally we get, and I’ll show you guys in a minute,

IF a GIF cannot work… Use this one

but internally we get like 10 to maybe 15% click-through rates, 4.19%. That’s pretty freaking good. I think we get like one, one and a half percent typically, and then a messenger. These are just averages. This was on Neil Patel site where he shows the averages.

88% read rates, which is the same thing as the open rate. That means people are seeing your message and 56% click-through rates. These numbers are pretty accurate because in SegMateApp. That’s pretty much what we’re seeing as well. Email versus facebook statistics. Now I changed this. I used to say this was a 10 x difference. It’s really like a 50 x difference, and it’s like saying a 300 messenger subscriber list is equivalent to having a 3000 person email list because of those open rates and because of those click-through rates. Now here I show kind of a versus I got the email on the left, and you could see like seven point something percent less than a half a percent 19. That was a good one. 19 percent and then 3.4, so that was a good one. Right? But look at it. That wasn’t a very big list.

Some of the bigger lists you could see open rates, 40 people click that a 5,000, 430. It’s not that good. It’s still effective, so do not get me wrong you still want to have email, and I’m not saying to get rid of the email. I’m not saying email is bad or anything like that. Just saying that you want to add other ways to communicate with your customer base that could be much more effective. It depends on the type of message that you want to build out for them. If you’re doing spam and stuff like that, the messenger will not work at all. It’s prohibited. But email, you can do it; however the issue with email is, if it goes into someone’s spam folder unless you know how to check for that, you don’t know. Right? You don’t know if you’re hitting those spam folder with messenger it’s a little bit more effective because you know that it’s going to deliver.

So hope you are starting to get it. Let’s do the math. This is quick math here. But here, do the math. Email 3000 people, 10 percent open. That’s 300 bucks. 300 people who have been 80 percent open. That’s a 240. So it’s fewer people opening, but we’re talking about it quite a bit different size of the list. Then email 300 people open, one to three percent click. That’s only 3 to 9 clicks. Where on messenger bots 240 people over 50 percent click. That’s 120 clicks. So which one would you rather use most often?

Now, why is it so friggin effective? Well, first off, messenger already has email on lock, they’re sending you messages through email when you get a Facebook™ messenger message, and it’s coming from facebookmail.com, so it’s going to have high deliverability rates.

Facebook™ is definitely on top of that, and they swap out different email addresses and domains. It also shows their address on there, so it’s not like it’s even coming from you. It’s coming from Facebook™. A big thing that I want to point out here is that they show where it’s coming from here and they have this huge call-to-action button, which is going to get a click. It’s short, sweet, simple. They know where they’re getting it from. The other thing that happened a couple of years ago, Facebook was pushing hard to download their Messenger app and why would they do something like that? Well, because they can now get push notifications. They can give you a push notification directly on your phone and your desktop.

So they’re going to get those messages in front of you which are going to get higher deliverability rate because they’re utilizing other technology to push you back into messenger. They also have SMS text this is something that some people prefer, and they’ll turn it on and which works great for them and some people who turn them on, forget how to turn them back off, so they’re still getting these text messages sent to them directly from Facebook, directing them back into the messenger app where they’re going to open up your company’s message.

I call it the Trifecta Effect because it’s taking three incredibly effective technologies to use them on their platforms. How smart is that? Now here’s what the points of entry are, these are how you kind of build a list, These all build your list with just a click of the screen or link or button. I want to make sure that you are getting this.

Basically what this is like is a boosted post ad where people reply to the comments we use utilizing a certain keyword like, “I’m interested” or “I’m in” I’m sure you have seen this engagement bait. There’s no more engagement bait. Unfortunately, Facebook™ got rid of it. However, there are more creative ways to get engagement and then just use a multitude of keywords that you’re seeing people use on that boosted post (PPE Page Post Engagement Ads), especially when you boost a post that’s very relevant and viral. Also too, they have the click to message ads. That’s another way to add people to your list. They have the welcome message, and the get started tabs on pages. When somebody agrees, and they accept they’re on your list, they have the One-click Opt-in checkbox. You also have the message us button, OK, those are just the buttons. You can stick them anywhere. You have to send a messenger button. The same type of thing that you have sharing options which is inside a messenger where people can share things from inside of messenger and if someone starts engaging with your Bot, then they have these m.me links which are super hot underused people don’t even understand them yet.

I’m going to help you guys understand them today and are part of ‘The Flexy List Building Method.” Then they have the support chat widget. Plus any engagement with Messenger and your business will get your subscribers on your messenger list. And, there are more ways and stuff coming out, this is smart marketing going into the year, and it’s going to continue to get hotter and hotter as the year goes by. Going into the following year as well.

Now let’s get into the workshop part of this training. I’m coining this as “The Flexy List Building Method.” Make sure you take lots of notes or highlight this part because this is like the most, flexible list building method I guarantee you’ve ever seen or heard of. Unless you’ve seen this before, you probably don’t fully understand how to use it. You probably don’t even understand how powerful it was until now.

So first off, you need to have a lead magnet. A lead magnet is by definition, an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. And the goal of this is to get a lead, and typically what you’re going to see is a landing page or an opt-in page or a squeeze page. And they’re asking for an email address. This is how lead magnets always worked before.

Until now because of “The Flexy List Building Method.” So what is it? Well, here’s some of the most case uses. It could be a blueprint, a, it could be a case study. I mean, people love this kind of stuff. They love blueprints; they love Rolodexes, they love case studies, especially if you know your target market, you know you’ve identified your Avatar or your persona of who you know who you’re going after. Then you’re going to want to design that lead magnet around that persona or around that Avatar.

So blueprint in that industry you’re in as well. So if you’re in the healthcare industry, or you’re in the six pack abs industry, you kind of know what they resonate best with and people like free reports, they like pdf’s.

Here’s another thing, free download, get a pdf, a, here’s your free Ebook, OK? You know, here’s your free e-book or training course. It could be a mini training course; it could be a webinar. Where we are going to train you and show you how to build lead magnets for your business utilizing this one strategy. It can be a free workshop. It could be a local workshop; it could be a meetup. I think you are getting it right? There so many things you can use for a lead magnet if you can imagine it you can build it. What is your business missing out on? What does your business need more of? Typically, businesses need more leads. And a great way to get leads is an ethical bribe with something free of value. The higher the value, the better the conversion rate is.

Coupons also work great for e-commerce, you want to get a coupon, there’s a good ethical bribe to get people on your list, right? How about free trials. Now we show our site, and we show our little. I call them are kind of like our mascot. We’ve got a free trial, a 14-day free trial that everybody sees when they go to https://segmateapp.com.

Also free daily quote subscription. I think people are misunderstanding these even because if you’re an influencer or you have a niche, people love quotes, and if you could get a daily quote service or even a religion even, you had a daily quote service that sent a nice little message. You’ve built out this quote about the sequence of quotes inside a messenger. It improves the day and not only that, what it does for your business is that it gets visibility. The people that are seeing your message over and over again, their senior logo. They see the name of your company. They see your colors so they are getting indoctrinated to your business or getting to know your business, know like in your business more and they know about your services, so that way when they’re ready to buy, who else are they going to think of?

Here’s another good idea, if some people don’t have any ideas and they’re trying to figure this out. Well you can buy PLR, it’s called private label rights and a lot of them typically you can take the information and rewrite it in your style even, or just to come up with some ideas in your niche. You could google PLR products, and you’ll find them. How do you do that? So you, after you’ve built your lead magnet, you’re going to want to build a delivery method, OK? The best way to do the delivery method is in messenger because we want to collect those leads, right?

These are the elements you can use to keep your new leads engaged in the conversation.

Want to get those subscribers on our list. Here second thing we’re gonna do is we’re going to create a delivery method inside the bot. (Delivery Bot) So you’re going to create the first one, and we will tag it as a promotional message (FB Rules on the tagging part.), and you’re going to have something that’s going to deliver information to them and educate them about your services, and you probably do a follow-up after that in a sequence. Kind of like you would in an email autoresponder. Then after that, it’ll fall under what’s called subscription. Let’s not worry about some of the technicals. We can get you up to speed if you start your free 14-day trial at SegMateApp.com.

After that, you’re going to create these things called m.me links. And again, these are very, very powerful because when you click them, they take people to messenger and as soon as someone accepts they then become a subscriber to your messenger list. They get delivered the product that you promise and in return you get a subscriber on your list. 1-2-3 easy as that.

There is one other step I added here.

I think this is very important because, if you look at these m.me links, they’re kind of ugly, no they’re very ugly. People probably aren’t going to click on them either. So you’ve got a pretty them up a little bit, This is called cloaking or pretty links, and you can do some cool things. The way that these works are you’ll name it; you’ll put the URL link here, you’ll put a pretty slug at the end. We have our own Pretty Link Cloaker called Click Site and we give this to every one of our users. So it has a call-to-action built into the URL. We also have https, so it is a trusted URL when people see them, and then you can name it from there. On top of that, I want to mention that you could do stuff like split testing so you could send it to two different URLs and split test two different chatbots or delivery bots at the end of these links and test if one gets more engagement over the other.

It also has tracking, and this is huge too by the way because now you can add pixels to the pretty cloaked link. So now you can remarket to them, so maybe they didn’t subscribe. You could find out if they subscribed or not. If they didn’t subscribe, you could send to another type of ad to get them into another lead magnet. But it’s continuing to influence someone that was interested in at least a click. (A little more complex but it’s there if you need it.)

Now here’s where it gets interesting. OK, you’ve got your lead magnet, you’ve got your free offer, you’ve got your pretty links built. Now how do you get traffic, and there is tons and tons of free traffic if you know how to do it. So what you can do is what I call value-based content and post. You can go to Facebook fan pages and groups. You can ask the group moderators and say, Hey, I have this amazing report I put together. I’m going to write about it and give all the report information for free, and then if they want to get the download, they could click this link, and I’ll deliver it to them. Is that easy? Is that cool? If I do that in your group, I like to ask for permission for that kind of stuff because I feel like it’s going into someone’s home and peeing on the carpet. If I didn’t get permission, and I run a few groups, and I’ve seen people do that, and I don’t always agree with it, but some groups that are out there, I’m not going to name them, but there are some big large groups out there that they just don’t even care.

They’re just like post whatever you want in here and as long as it’s following the niche that you’re in, underwater basket weaving or whatever it is, as long as it’s developing the niche and provides value to its members, you’re going to get free clicks. Especially if you’re talking about something interesting to that group and if you run your own fan pages and you run your Facebook™ groups, you can do whatever you want. If you own your youtube channel, you could do whatever you want. I just did this on my personal page. I just put this up yesterday actually, and I just asked in the copy “want to see something cool?”

Kind of like this, with a curiosity angle “This is just one of the methods you’ll learn about during our live strategy.”

This got 47 clicks and less than in a 24 hour period. Just that one post. Pretty amazing. The other thing you can do is you can go to forums, Say you’re into a Frisbee golf club in your local area and there’s this huge frisbee golf following online and you know where those forums are, can write and start your own forum. You can also reply to comments in other forums or blogs, and you can give people a call-to-action with those links. You could do this with all social media. Especially Twitter and Facebook which works really well. I don’t think this will work with Instagram because they don’t allow linking unless they do now with images I have heard. Which is something I heard but have not tested yet?

Also, with image linking much on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as all of these will allow putting links on a post, or comments and as long as you put a link there, you can drive traffic for free while gaining subscribers building that list. It’s all going to be about knowing your avatar and also having an excellent offer that is irresistible. Got it? And it’s just a bride, right? But you’re not taking them to a landing page. You’re not taking them to a form or opt-in page or a funnel or anything like that. You’re taking them directly to a messenger. Now here are some other ways to do it. Some colossal blog networks get tons of traffic, and you can find an article, rewrite it, spin an article, put your own, flip on it, add images to it. If it’s something relevant to whoever you’re targeting, you can use LinkedIn pulse, which is working good for a lot of people.

Steemit, which is kind of an up and coming one, Quora, which is highly used one for technical and SaaS founders. Reddit which have different audiences. Make sure you understand it, you test with it and you stay in excellent communication. If you start putting these posts out there, you will want to make sure that you’re also moderating your comments as well and just through the comments, you can add your link and then there’s Medium, this is another perfect blog network for this. They have a huge following and traffic. A lot of people are on there, and Google ranks these extremely high when people hit certain targeted keywords, so if you have a really good article, you write it’s content driven and then you deliver the free download through Messenger. Again, tons of free traffic and you don’t need all of those other things to do this, so yeah, you would want to make sure you give instructions.

Just to review, “The Flexy List Building Method.”

  1. You need to have a lead magnet or an ethical trade, it’s like a trade for the lead, so info product, software, free download, PDF, Core Series, Training, Blueprint, Case Study, Quotes, Subscription or a Coupon or Discount.
  2. You need to build a delivery bot.
  3. Build an m.me link so that you can connect that delivery bot.
  4. Then you need to cloak it, add your pixel to it so you can retarget those people even on Google as well and Youtube and Facebook.
  5. Spread the links freely.

And you can do all of this from inside of SegMateApp.com Messenger Marketing and Bot Building Platform. Its dead simple and anyone can do this.

You need to have a plan on how you’re going to get those links out there. They’re going to be content driven. Are they going to be responses to people in groups? Depends, though everything I mention about this, this is all the kind of the freeways to do it.

Paid ways You can boost a viral post, but for someone whos on a budget, this is a really easy way to get started. So that’s why I wanted to show this to you.

Other media sources, PR releases, etc. There’s a lot of other things. Now, there is a free gift here, so you guys want to write that down.


And by doing this, you can see for yourself how this works on your end.

Alright, you should be getting this by now. Do you see how big this is? Do you see how powerful this is and how easy it is to put together? I mean, I think we spent half a day working on the free gift and putting the blog together it didn’t take much time to do this, and it’s a great little ethical bribe for a lead. So we know it works right? But it’s really simple, It understands your audience, creating the most ethical bribe you can come up with and testing it until you perfect it. It will get easier for you if you’re new by applying what I just taught you. This is just one of the many things you will get inside of SegMate. You will get access to that, and you will get access to our link cloaker, and you can test it all FREE for 14 days at https://SegMateApp.com

Cheers to Your Success,

Karl Schuckert