Keyword Research IS NOT DEAD!

Keywords To Last You An Entire LIFETIME.

…and more are being created every single day

Let’s be honest, keyword research can be tedious. If you’re like me, spending hours poring through keywords that could be potentially “profitable”, probably isn’t the best use of your time.

Yet, because it’s at the heart of every successful online marketing campaign, most people chose to “suffer” through it. And even then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find those highly coveted hidden gems that are a combination of high demand and low competition.

Keywords like that are the holy grail in marketing. But then, I think you already know that. It’s probably why you’re reading this. You want all the edge you can get, and are hoping this blog post will show you what that is.

Well, the good news is I can help you.

What I’m about to show you will blow your mind and knock your socks off. At the end, I’m betting you’ll be asking yourself how you could have missed this all.

And you’ll be popping with so many ideas, that you won’t be able to contain yourself.  Keyword research is about to become very enjoyable because you’ll keep finding keyword gems all day long in any niche you can think of.

I’ll be showing you how a highly underrated and overlooked “loophole” can give you that edge. What’s this loophole?

Autosuggest Keyword Research!

Now, don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this concept.

Done correctly, the Autosuggest feature can completely transform your online marketing experience. So, whether you’re an affiliate marketer, product creator, eCommerce guy, or an agency owner, there’s something for everyone here.

And while you can do this without the help of any tool, I’ll be showing you how to use Keyword Supremacy to semi-automate this process, and really leverage the Autosuggest Feature to unprecedented levels.

Let’s dive in and show you how the Autosuggest feature will transform your keyword research experience.

Auto-Suggest Is Based On Freshness & Location.

So It’s Always Changing…

If you’re looking for keyword ideas without any idea about where to begin, simply using the autosuggest feature on any of the search engines should get you started.

You should know by know what the auto-suggest is.  It’s the words that are being suggested to you as you type in a search!

The good news for those who love keyword research, is that the suggested keywords are always changing, and based on that day’s trending topics. Even your location will affect what suggestions you receive based on what’s most searched in your general location.

So, the results you get today may not be the same as you’d get tomorrow. Also, those keyword results tend to have high traffic volume since they are the most trending searches.

If you like riding trends –which you should- and driving massive amounts of traffic, these keywords are great.  Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Bing and even Amazon take “freshness” seriously, which is why the list is updated in real time.

Taking advantage of the autosuggest feature is as simple as typing any letter from the alphabet into the search engine.

When you do, you will see 10 related keyword suggestions that all start with the letter D.

These are the top 10 trending keyword searches happening today in Google, in your area and that start with the letter D.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you do a deep dive into each of the keywords, you’ll keep stumbling onto more related keywords.

For example, if you tap the down button on your keyboard until it gets to “dominos”, the search engine automatically preselects it, in anticipation of you clicking search.

But instead of pressing enter to execute the search, just tap the spacebar.

When you do that, the search engine will give you another 10 suggestions specifically related to dominos, and so on.

Let’s go even deeper…

If you scroll down again, using the down button to preselect “dominos deals” or just typing in any of the keywords that catches your eye, you’ll get even more results.

Can you see how the search engines keep giving more specific suggestions that are relevant to the preceding keywords only?

And the example is from a search based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada so you can see that they are suggesting other Canadian cities (Calgary, Windsor, Ottawa) which confirms that your location affects the auto-suggest.  Someone from New York would get a totally different set of suggestions!

And that’s just going three levels deep.  You can go as far as you’d like.

But let’s just do a bit of math so you can see how powerful this method is at just 3 levels.

Since the letter D (or any letter) has 10 suggestions, and each of those 10 suggestions has 10 more suggestions, and then finally on the 3rd level there’s 10 more suggestions.

10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 10,000 freakin keywords!

Do you see where I’m going with this?  I bet you do.

The point is you’ll keep finding more and more keywords as you continue utilizing the “Autosuggest” feature.

Imagine the keyword gems you’ll be able to find repeating the same process five, six, ten levels deep, and then doing it again for other keywords.

The sheer power of it is incredible. That’s the autosuggest feature doing its magic.

And because the search engines refresh this every day, there’s no limit to how many keywords and niches you’ll find in the next one week.

It’s mind blowing, really.

But let’s open it up even more…

You Can Get Auto-Suggestions Beside, Before or Even In The Middle Of Any Keyword Too!

Ok so Dominos as a seed keyword was a pretty lame example when it comes to trying to find profitable keywords.

But it is great for the illustrative purpose of the power of auto-suggest, since you likely didn’t know there were so many keywords you could get just from one business who delivers pizza.

But now let’s work in another niche that everyone loves; pets!

More specifically dogs.  Anyone who owns a dog loves it just as much as their spouse or kids, maybe more!  There are tons of profitable ways to monetize content about dogs, you just gotta find those keywords!

Here’s how…

Initially from your seed keyword (dog) you could get 10 initial suggestions and then 10 more from each letter in the alphabet (26 letters in the alphabet, we counted) as a starting point to your second word (plus 10 more if you used the 0-9 numbers).

Total Suggestions
(26 letters + 10 numbers) x 10 suggestions = 360 suggestions.

That’s a lot already!

However, with auto-suggest, the suggestions keep coming as you are typing, not just at the end of a word.

So if you were in love with the 10 suggestions you got from the seed keyword “dog” and the second word beginning with the letter a (as illustrated in the image), you don’t just have to stop at 10 of those words…

You can get even more simply by requesting the auto-suggested keywords to start with the letter A and NOT including a space after the letter.

Like this….

Holy crap…that’s a lot of keywords!

Once again, let’s do a little math to figure how deep this new hole goes.

If we use the seed keyword of “dog a”, we can append 26 letters as the second “character” of the second word.

(dog a(26 letters)) x (10 suggestions) = 260 suggestions.

…all with the first word dog, and the second word starting with the letter A.

But now we can do the same process with the second word starting with B, and then C, so on and so forth.  26 times in total.

So since we can get 260 suggestions for each letter of the alphabet, and theres 26 letters in the alphabet, that formula looks like this:

(26 letters) x (260 suggestions) = 6760 suggestions

..all from the word “dog”

How many breeds of dogs can we get 6760 suggestions for?
How many types of pets are there?

The potential is bigger than the universe is expansive…

If I’m losing you don’t worry…it doesn’t matter if you understand all this math.

All you really need to know is that you just expanded your initial group of one word “dog” into over 6,000 new ideas. You are bound to find some nuggets in a group that big!

Ok you are probably sick of math by now and you get it. There’s a ton of keywords available with the “beside” auto-suggest feature.

But there’s 2 more ways you can use auto-suggest that will just once again multiply your opportunities into the stratosphere.

You can get suggestions BEFORE a keyword like this:

Yes you probably noticed that in that example we combined both single letter starts, with double letter starts.


And you can even get suggestions in the middle of a phrase like this:

More people are using search engines to find answers to their questions questions than ever before, and search engines like Google have noticed.

Have you seen sections like this during your searches on Google?

Or maybe these:

Those are called featured snippets.

The websites ranked in these snippets routinely enjoy massive traffic as they tend to siphon as much as 60%-80% percent of all organic traffic.

Not surprising really, when you consider that they’re usually ranked in the top 5 for their targeted keywords. In fact, it’s sometimes ranked above the first result –a spot called “position 0”.

Question-based searches are fast becoming the norm because more people are executing more voice searches. They’re asking smart home tech like Alexa, and Google Assistant these questions, as well as their mobile devices.

This tech is basically driving the question based search trends, which is why we’re going to be seeing a lot more of these in the future.  And smart webmasters who dominate the search terms for these question-type queries are generating tons of traffic, leads and sales.

This is possible because they’re getting featured snippets and knowledge panels on the search engines. The good news is that the autosuggest feature also produces tons of relevant questions if you use it correctly.

Using all the same keyword research methods listed above, how many suggestions do you think you could come up with if you just start with the 6 most common starts to any question;

Remember, that’s just the first word to any question.  Adding a second world opens up another never ending realm of possibilities;

This opens up just another humongous opportunity not only to find amazing keywords, but to also do product and service based research.

Let’s assume you run a website that promotes website hosting, but you need to find out which are the most trending and searched for hosting companies.

Auto-Suggest to the rescue again using one company you know about and attaching vs to the keyword.  Have a look.

It doesn’t have to be a product…it can be a trend also, like this:

Ok one more…

People that have money to spend, love to spend it on the best stuff.  But that doesn’t mean they know what that is!

Do I really need to blow this open even more?  Sure…let’s do it.

Just start your search with “most popular” and move through the alphabet until you find your golden niche.

Than dig into it…

People searching for the most popular types of baby carriers, clothes or costumes are definitely ‘shopping’ thus making these types of keywords absolutely profitable!

I mean it’s wide open and your imagination is the greatest fuel you have to blow the doors wide open.

You Can Get Suggestions From Almost Any Search Engine

So far, all the searches and results you’ve seen in this article, were done on the Google search engine.  And honestly, there are enough un-discovered keywords left to last you a lifetime on Google alone.

But, the autosuggest feature isn’t just limited to Google. It’s available on other search engines.

Autosuggest’s data are also largely tied to the native search engines. So, it’s possible to use the same seed keyword on Google, Amazon, and Alibaba, and get completely different results on another search engine.

That doesn’t mean that one is necessarily better than the other, because different search engines have different purposes, which can work to your advantage.

If you’re already in a niche and looking for more golden keyword opportunities, auto-suggest should be part of your keyword research process.


Because with the unlimited amount of suggestions you can get from a seed keyword using all the tactics outlined in the above article, you’ll be digging deeper into your keyword than most marketers ever will, or even know how to!

If you’re trying to break into incredibly tough niches like weight loss, using conventional keyword research strategies, you’ll just lose time spinning your wheels getting the same keyword suggestions that everyone else is getting.

But by using auto-suggest and being slightly creative, you’ll find all sorts of keywords that are completely relevant to the weight loss audience, even if the keyword phrase doesn’t have weight or loss in it!

The autosuggest loophole though, kinda evens the playing field. Regardless of your budget or experience, it is possible to get into fiercely competitive niches like this.

Putting it All Together

If the autosuggest feature isn’t a key part of your keyword research process, you’ll end up competing for keywords that everyone is going after. As far as I’m concerned that’s not working smart.

Take advantage of it. Get creative with it. Use it powerfully, and I guarantee you’ll find that it is a must-have tool that gives you an incredible edge in marketing and niche domination.