Ranking for 1 or 2 terms for a local site is pretty cool.  Ranking for 100’s or 1000’s of terms is even better!  It’s that fact that allowed this software in combination with LocalSupremacy sold as a package to do over $1,300,000 in sales.  The most we’ve ever sold of a single software offering.

SERPtech is and is not a Mass Page Builder.  It is in the way that SERPtech generates a lot of pages & posts quickly and easily that rank very well.  But it’s not in the way that we do it in a responsible manner (and sneaky way) so that you aren’t putting up a site with tens of thousands of pages of content over night which is a huge red flag to the big G.

We take advantage of other WordPress core functionalities in a unique way to get as many rankings as a traditional MPB, but in a way that we can do with with far few pages, often even less than 100.

The key Features of this amazing product include:

  • Rank For Multiple Locations With Ease
    Do you want to rank for every subburb in your city and dominate it?  How about every city in your province or state?  Either way, SERPtech easily handles multiple location ranking with ease.
  • Content Woes?
    Duplicate Content sucks, we all know that.  But with SERPtech you can use our built in content grabbing technology to easily and instantly fill your sites with relevant, targetted and non-duplicate content on every page!  It’s as simple as putting in a subject based keyword, and grabbing the content you want to use!
  • Indexing Can Be A Pain In The Ass
    Traditional MPBs have a really hard time getting all those tens of thousands of pages indexed in Google, because when it comes down to it, they hate it!  Additionally, most of the other guys softwares require an additional expensive piece of software to help you index all those pages!  With SERPtech, you’ll have less pages to index, and our indexing technology is built right into the software!  You’ll get more rankings, in less time, with less expense!
  • Silo Design Builder.
    SILO strucutred design is like the icing on Google’s ranking cake.  SERPtech builds in completely logical SILO structured fasion, which search engines absolutely love, and it takes no time at all.
  • ShortCodes Are Easy as 1-2-3
    Since you are trying to rank for a lot of keywords, in a lot of locations across a lot of pages, it may sound like it’s difficuly to get each page to be completely unique in content and location.  Not with SERPtech.  We use ‘loaded shortcodes’ to pull in the data that you need specific to the page or post location that you are creating.  Don’t worry about editing hundreds or thousands of pages.  One shortcode will do it all!

The most effective way to get your sites ranked in 48-96 hours across multiple locations, and be sure that you are flying under the radar while using this stealth method!  This couples excellent with LocalSupremacy also!