When Keyword Supremacy was released, the market was already overwhelmed with keyword research tools, so it was actually a massive risk to spend the time and money to develop this software.  However, it was different than all the others in a very distinctive way and resulted in over $500,000 in sales for the tool.

While most other keyword research tools simply did “keyword research” they never focused on smarter methods of finding and filtering solid keywords.  This software was built of Herc Magnus’s own personal method of finding very profitable keywords that no one else was targeting.

It’s main features include:

  • Front, Middle & End Search
    Being able to scrape the “Suggest Feature” of the search engines is a great way to find new and profitable keywords.  However, we took it a step further by allowing wildcard placement before, after or in the middle of a keyword.  No other tool was doing this at the time, and very few are doing it to this day!
  • Local Keyword Research
    Since there are so many marketers doing Local SEO, it was important to develop the features of keyword research important for that type of search.  With KWS, we built the ability to search for keywords based on a geo-graphic location or population.
  • eCom Search Engines
    Since our wildcard searches were working so good, we decided to add the ability to add the same search function to the biggest eCom search engines as well to help eCom store owners to find new and exciting products.  Amazon, Alibaba and eBay were also added.

The final note about Keyword Supremacy is that it was the first keyword research tool on the market to be based on a fair usage policy!  While most other keyword research tools are a monthly fee (whether you use them or not), we decided to make KWS based on a non-expiring credit system.  But a credit pack to get your search volumes and CPC’s for your keywords and they never expire until you use them!