The #1 Discovery That Took Kevin Wilke
From 2 Clients A Month To 2-4 Clients A WEEK!

Learn How To Slaughter Your Biggest Obstacle Of All:
SALES...But Without Actually Selling!

All sorts, and only the most highly-qualified ones will make it to the end of your hiring funnel! We have had a lot of success particularly using part-time commission only stay at home moms who are highly experienced doing appointment setting.

If you are helping businesses get more customers and grow this is perfect. It works for Lead Generation, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Marketing…and more!

That’s a valid concern, and I have 2 recommendations to solve it:

  1. Use the FB Hot Lead System to get high quality appointments for yourself and close your first client or two before you even hire your first appt setter.
  2. Don’t let fear run the show & keep holding you back! Maybe it will take you 8 appointments to get that first client...but guess what? You broke the cycle of struggle and failure and you got yourself a client...along with the monthly recurring cash flow that comes with it and the confidence of having a client! The next time, it will take 6 appointments...then 5...then 3 because you’ll quickly get better

You can do that and start them off as commission only and they have to book their own appointments until they prove themselves to close deals. That’s still risk free for you and can get you out of the sales role faster.

The Hiring Funnel does all the hard work of finding for you the ideal person and builds the desire of the ideal people so you stand out from everybody else. They want to work for you. You don’t have to spend much time training & managing because when you follow our system you are hiring an experienced A-Player and I show you the few simple things needed to train them. You’re also getting all the training that Eric did for my team so you can use that for yourself. Plus I’m also giving you our proven sales process to plug them into for your own business.

The A Player Hiring Funnel has you stand out from everybody else. Most people commented on this in the interview or after we hired them. Some other reasons they are looking to work for you are: 

  • They are at a company that they don’t enjoy or that has real issues and they are looking for a better opportunity.
  • They want the flexibility to work virtually from home and start off part time. For example, our 2 right now are both stay at home moms!
  • You are plugging them into a proven sales process - they don’t have to figure it out themselves.
  • Every single one I hired was impressed with our sales process and what we have set up. They are used to coming onboard with a company and having to figure out the script the process and everything. the fact you will already have that is a huge benefit for you and them.

Mike in the UK is doing it. You can: 

  • Use relevant job boards in your country.
  • Hire US-based people to get US clients, regardless of where you live!

The only other thing you will need is a Sales CRM. Ours is $15/mo. If you already have your own CRM then keep using that one. It’s really easy to follow our approach with your own CRM and several of our students are doing that.

It’s kind of like riding a bike. The only way to get good at riding a bike ride it! That’s what this system does for you. It gives you the ability to start closing sales so that you can get good at it. And having someone guide you through each step of the way makes it that much easier! It’s like grandpa holding the back of your chair and pushing you forward.

Watch The Replays & Learn:

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