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8 Weeks Local Coaching

By: Herc Magnus & Todd Spears


Learn The Core Fundamentals Of Local SEO In This Live 8 Week Coaching Course.

We did this course live meaning the site was built in front of the viewing audience, as the content was delivered to members week by week.  We followed each week with a 2 Hour Q&A Webinar so attendees could get their specific questions answered by us.

We take you from start to finish in real time and reveal how ranked the site sprayfoaminsulationedmonton.net #1 in Google in 2016, we even ranked above maps listings for a while.  The website is currently still sitting on the first page for it's main keyword "spray foam insulation edmonton" and hasn't been touched since we built it. Our methods work, and they last!

We'll take you all the way from the initial market & keyword research, to setting up the domain, custom gMail accounts without phone verification, to ranking the site using PBN links.

We even bring on some special guests to teach some more advanced strategies such as 301 tricks.

The Rank & Rent Method

By: Herc Magnus


The First Rank & Rent Guide I Ever Wrote Downloaded More Than 10,000 Times!

After struggling with the difficulties of owning an SEO Agency, I turned to the Rank & Rent method and managed to grow my income to $25,000/month. Rank & Rent is and always will be a faster, easier and less stressful method of SEO, while just as profitable as running an agency!

This is a short and concise text & image based course I wrote back in 2015 on the Rank & Rent method.  Once again I take you step by step through the process of finding a market, building out a site, ranking it and selling or renting it for profits on this site poolresurfacingphoenix.com.

I teach people how to choose markets that others don't even think about for maximum profitability with the lowest levels of competition, and then flip them to businesses for amazing profits!  I cover how to sell your sites to clients, even if you are not a natural sales person, and I even cover how to scale up to higher levels of income by leveraging your initial clients!

Almost 4 years later, this site STILL ranks #1 for it's main keyword "pool resurfacing phoenix".  Click the link to see for yourself.

I've received countless messages and thank yous for putting this course material out.  The general consensus is that this is a real eye opener in the process to ranking local sites on the first page of Google with ease.

Facebook Ad Consulting

By: Dino Gomez


Facebook Ads Consulting
Your FB Ads & Agency Primer

A 7 Part mini course to teach you the basics of running Facebook Ads to promote your business, or to start an agency and run ads for your own clients.

This course is a detailed, information packed sneak peak into Funnel Consultant Society, which is Dino's flagship FB Ads Consulting Course.

Funnel Consultant Society has the most reviews & legitimate case studies of any FB course online.
In this mini-course you are seeing only about 1% of the actual training provided in our flagship program, but this is still solid actionable material to help you learn the basics.

The LinkedIn Opportunity

By: Cory Sanchez


The LinkedIn Opportunity

Messenger Bot Marketing

By: Karl Schuckert


Messenger Bot Marketing