How We Completely Screwed Up Our Promotion
But Still Managed To Place 4th Overall On A
$2,000,000 Launch, Against INDUSTRY GIANTS
& Did Over $65,000 In Sales In Only 10 Days.

$32,681.36 In Commissions


My name is Herc Magnus, and I am the co-owner of a software development company called Supremacy.Digital along with my partner Todd Spears.  I wanted to put this case study together to reveal how we managed to get 4th place on one of the biggest launches in the Internet Marketing space in quite a while.  

Why does our case study really matter?

Well for starters,  there is a good chance that you have never heard of me, Herc Magnus, or my partner Todd Spears.  

We are relatively unknown in the industry as compared to many of the others on that leader board.  I’m sure that you probably recognize a few of the other names yourself!

Second, we do not have a massive marketing email list like many of the people on the leader board who have email lists in the hundreds of thousands. 

In fact, we have less than 10,000 people total that we marketed to and they are all customers of at least one of our software solutions.

  • Project Supremacy – approx 5,000 customers
  • Keyword Supremacy – approx 1,100 customers
  • SERPtech – approx 200 customers
  • AMP Supremacy – approx 700 customers
  • PixelScout – approx 2,000 customers

That’s only a total of just over 9,000 customers that we marketed this product to but still managed to place very well on the leader board.

So How Were We Able To Place So High On The Leader Board
With A Relatively Small List & Disadvantage By Numbers?

That’s what I want to cover in detail in this case study.

I’ll do my best to reveal all the strategies we used throughout the entire marketing campaign, including the thought process behind setting up our angle, the emails we sent throughout the promo, and all the internal and external tools we used to achieve our success.

I’ll break down our promotion day by day, and explain the thought process behind each days mailing.  I’ll include links to each of the emails we sent and a break down of the stats each day.

Stats will include our open, click rate, and sales conversions.  You’ll be able to see what messages, and techniques really pushed sales for us day by day! 


The Offer

Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz opened the pre-launch stage of the $100k Shoutout on Thursday, August 15th.   The high ticket price point was $2497 which was the most expensive product we’d ever promoted.  But we knew it was a killer product and wanted to support Chris & Jay on it, no matter the challenge to us.

The actual ‘cart open’ live launch started on Tuesday August 20th, and closed on Monday August 26th.  A period of 6 days in total.

We did not participate in the pre-launch stage, but still began our own pre-promotion on August 16th

The Bonus

We teamed up with Cory Sanchez & Ira Rosen of MojoGlobal to offer a mega bonus to all our customers in hopes that the team effort would land us somewhere in the Top 10 of the leader board.

Cory & Ira would handle the logistics of the Live Event in Barcelona, Spain as the travel part of our bonus, since they had done it previously and were experienced in it.

Todd & I would bundle together $2000 worth of our software products and offer them as a complimentary bonus that could be used to improve the $100k Shoutout methodology, which we would teach on a webinar.

The Strategy

Because we had so many highly detailed parts to this entire strategy, we had to break it down into smaller parts and release it a bit at a time so that our emails and calls to action would be concise, short and to the point.  The first half of our promotion (during the $100kShoutout Pre-Launch phase) we would be focused on getting people to sign up for our own internal webinar on Tuesday morning exactly 1 hour before the actual $100k cart opened.

We’d send people straight to the live sales page from our live webinar after explaining the live event, the bonuses and what exactly the $100k Shoutout is and does.

Things changed…and we had to adapt our strategy quickly.

FRIDAY AUG 16th – PreLaunch

5 Days Until Sales Webinar

OUR OBJECTIVE: Get Webinar Registers

Our goal at this stage in the promotion was to get people to start registering for the bigger sales webinar on Tuesday which would explain all the aspects of our promotion.

  • The Live Event In Barcelona, Spain
  • Our $10k Bonus Package
  • $100k Shoutout

However, since there were so many parts to the entire offer, we focused only on introducing people to the idea of our Live Event as a bonus.  We didn’t explain what the bonus was for, we simply focused on the Live Event, and that they could get more details by registering for the webinar.

This was already a mistake…

Initial Email (8:15 AM MDT)

Subject: We want to meet YOU {$name}. Live in person (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens406 (19.88%)759 (14.9%)
Clicks110 (5.39%)141 (2.8%)

Unsubscribes: 0.2%

Unopens Email (5PM MDT)

Subject: Our first ever live event {$name}, you are invited!  (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens327  (19.11%)306 (6.9%)
Clicks70 (4.09%)60 (1.4%)

Unsubscribes: 0.06%

Landing Page:

Webby Registers: 34

Strategies: AutoResend, Pop Up GTW Register Boxes

Sales: 0

SATURDAY AUG 17th – PreLaunch

4 Days Until Sales Webinar

OUR OBJECTIVE: Reduce Travel Costs, Reduce Confusion, Increase Value.

Our goal from the last email failed miserably as we sent over 380 clicks but only got 34 webinar registrants, just awful by our standards.  After taking a look at the email and landing page, I was easily able to identify three main points of friction.

  1. Most people cannot afford to travel to Barcelona, Spain for an event as it’s quite expensive and many just don’t have the time to go.  So why even bother registering for a webinar to have it explained.
  2. Since we were labeling the Live Event as a bonus, it’s heavily implied that they must purchase something in order to get the bonus, however we haven’t said anything at all about what that is.
  3. We wanted to add more value to those who ‘might be’ interested, but didn’t want to go to Barcelona.

Those 3 points were addressed in this days email and landing page.  The landing page was updated to reflect a new $500 Amex Travel Voucher as well as $2000 in software bonuses for anyone who was not interested in the Live Event.

We are still pushing The Tuesday webinar at this point on the landing page.

Initial Email (8:00 AM MDT)

Subject: EFF THAT {$name}! (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens519 (25.42%)690 (13.6%)
Clicks103 (5.04%)87 (1.0%)

Unsubscribes: 0.49%

Unopens Email (5PM MDT)

Subject: NOT A CHANCE {$name}!  (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens314 (19.10%)NOT SENT
Clicks52 (3.16%)NOT SENT

Unsubscribes: 0.18%

Landing Page:

Strategies: AutoResend, Pop Up Opt IN Boxes, Auto Content Reveals

Webby Registers: 20 (54 Total)

Sales: 0

MONDAY AUG 19th – PreLaunch

1 Day Until Sales Webinar

OUR OBJECTIVE: Reveal $100k Bonus, Pattern Interupt.

100k Shout Out ReviewAt this point, our whole objective to get people registered for our larger Tuesday webinar is completely failing and our promo is now in trouble. Only 20 more people had registered for our webinar for obvious reasons at this point.

  1. People still do not know what they have to do to get our bonus.
  2. It sounds like it’s going to be expensive.

I know that we cannot continue to confuse our lists, so on Sunday we asked Jay Cruiz to join us for a strategy session on how to better angle this promotion as well as ask him a few questions about the $100k Shoutout in preparation for Tuesdays webinar.

I knew that there was going to be excellent info on this Zoom meeting, so I secretly hit the record button and didn’t tell any of the others until the meeting was done.  It started as a joke that Todd showed up without a shirt on for the meeting before Jay arrived, as he had just arrived home from a workout, but knowing that I was going to be recording the meeting, I jokingly suggested we all quickly take our shirts off before Jay arrived to catch him off guard.  And I knew the “shirts off” angle could be used in email as a pattern interrupt.

Whether this entire strategy worked or not we aren’t really sure of.  However, from this point on, we knew that the confusion for what people would have to buy ($100k Shoutout) was now removed.  The only item still left unclear was what the price point for the purchase would be.  However, we never reveal a price before giving the value, so we knew that would be answered on Tuesdays webinar.

Email (8AM MDT)
Subject: hahaha {NAME}, Todd, Herc & Cory got naked?  lol…check this out (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens375 (18.5%)665 (13.1%)
Clicks39 (1.92%)53 (1.0%)

Unsubscribes: 0.15%

Unopens Email (Aug 20, 6AM MDT)

Subject: lol…check this out {NAME} (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens172 (10.1%)NOT SENT
Clicks17 (0.99%)NOT SENT

Unsubscribes: 0.00%

Landing Page:

Strategies: AutoResend, Pop Up GTW Register Boxes

Webby Registers: 19 (73 Total)

Sales: 0

TUESDAY AUG 20th – Launch Day

$100k Cart Open – Sales Webinar

OUR OBJECTIVE: Sell $100k Shoutout Via Webinar!

We timed our sales webinar to end right when the $100kShoutout Cart was opening so that people could go straight to the checkout page, but Total DISASTER struck 🙁

Well not ‘total’ disaster, but our of the 77 registrants to this webinar, only 4 showed up (2 of the 6 shown on the image above were Todd & myself)…that’s a massive failure on our part of everything we did leading up to this point.

However, the silver lining was that out of the 4 people who were live, we actually made 1 sale which meant we converted at 25%.  However with numbers that low, it’s not really a fair representation, but at this point we’ll take it!

Meanwhile, Cory & Ira (our launch contest partners) also did a webinar, but their strategy was quite different than ours and they converted quite well on their webinar, which was actually Jay running the $100k Product Webinar to their audience.

We were extremely quick to mail out the replays and actually ended the days with another 3 sales to bring our total up to 4 sales & $3,430 in commissions.

So ultimately we knew that the $100k Shoutout was converting, we just had to start over with a new angle in order to sell it.

Webinar (8AM MDT)

Attendees: 4
Sales: 1

Replay Email (11:15 AM MDT)

Subject: [REPLAY] Our $10,000 Travel & Software Bonus Explained! (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens445 (22.01%)540 (10.%)
Clicks50 (2.47%)49 (1.0%)

Unsubscribes: 0.15%

Unopens Email (4:15 PM MDT)

Subject: [REPLAY] $10,000 Travel & Software Bonus Webinar! (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens231 (13.75%)NOT SENT
Clicks29 (1.73%)NOT SENT

Unsubscribes: 0.24%

Landing Page:

Strategies: AutoResend

Webby Attendees: 4

Sales:4 ($3,430 commissions)

$100k Contest Standings: Not on leaderboard.

WEDNESDAY AUG 21st – Launch

Launch Day 2 Of 7

OUR OBJECTIVE: Completely Revamp Our Angle To Sell $100K Shoutout

Because we knew that the $100k Shoutout was converting for others, we knew we had to re-adjust our entire mailing and sales strategy.  By now we were pretty sure our list was already sick of hearing about the $100k Shoutout.

So we immediately implemented a strategy we had used in the past to place 2nd overall during the AutoPilotAgency software launch.  That strategy involved not even focusing on selling the Auto Pilot Agency course, but instead on featuring one of our own up coming products called PixelScout (similar in value to AutoPilotAgency) and got people excited about that instead.  We told them that they could have our software as a bonus if they picked up another similar priced product called AutoPilotAgency.

We positioned ourselves as a 2-for-1 sale.  Buy AutoPilotAgecny, get Pixelscout as well.  It worked extremely well for 2 reasons.

  1. We took the attention OFF the sale.
    While every other JV was mailing their lists with the focus on AutoPilotAgency, we were instead mailing about our “upcoming new software” which took the focus off the fact that something was going to be sold.  People hate that.  The result was a bunch of people attended the sales webinar, and happily purchased APA to get the bonus.
  2. The value was incredible.
    2 amazing (and similar) softwares for the price of one, was an easy sell.  People who attended our webinar were very excited about our upcoming software, and once they saw what APA did and that they could get both for 1 price, it was easy.

So with that same strategy in mind, we shifted away from $100k Focus and instead mailed our list about a massive upcoming update to one of our existing software products which also happened to be part of our bonus (Keyword Supremacy), and barely even mentioned the $100k Shoutout.

We also incentived people to attend the webinar with 2 Free Gifts related to the new software update (you can see those in the email).

To further reduce any cross over between this new message and our promotion of the $100k Shoutout , the link in the email led directly to the new webinar registration page.

And as you’ll see in the stats below, this strategy proved to work insanely well again.  Our opens and click throughs went up dramatically.

Register Email (11:45 AM MDT)

Subject: {$name}, Massive Software Update! Wahooooo! (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens598 (29.36%)592 (11.7.%)
Clicks120 (5.95%)112 (2.2%)

Unsubscribes: 4 (0.2%)

Unopens Email (5 PM MDT)

Subject: Major Software Update {$name}! Super exciting for you! (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens343 (22.06%)NOT SENT
Clicks74 (4.76%)NOT SENT

Unsubscribes: 4 (0.26%)

Landing Page:

Strategies: AutoResend

Running $100k Sales: 4 ($3,430 commissions)

$100k Contest Standings: 4th (Mainly thanks to Cory & Ira successful promotion on their end)

THURSDAY AUG 22nd – Launch

Launch Day 3 Of 7

OUR OBJECTIVE: The Bait & Switch Webinar To Sell $100k

BOOMSKI, this strategy paid off again!  We finally hit the $100k leaderboard too!

161 people showed up for the webinar to learn about our major software update, and collect the 2 free gifts.

The format of this webinar was now simple.

  1. 40 Mins of me talking about all the major updates to Keyword Supremacy (as promised), and what we would be selling access to it for (value positioning).
  2. 5 mins of how users could get access to Keyword Supremacy as a bonus for purchasing $100k Shoutout
  3. 90 min $100k Shoutout presentation by Jay Cruiz.
  4. 15 min restate our entire $10k Bonus Package

The result of the live webinar was 5 more sales, 2 upgrades and over $100/attendee in profits.  

Now that we had our angle down, and we knew it was selling, it was time to push out the replay and start adding the other elements we know work extremely well like live countdown & scarcity timers into the email and replay pages.

Webinar Reminder Email (9:00 AM MDT)

Subject: Webbby Starting Soon! Your 2 Free Attendance Gifts Are Deadly {!firstname_fix}! (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens403 (20.02%)516 (10.2%)
Clicks51 (2.53%)50 (1%)

Unsubscribes: 6 (0.3%)

Webinar (1PM MDT)

Attendees: 161
Sales: 5 + 2 OTO

Replay Email (4:15 PM MDT)

Subject: [REPLAY] Keyword Supremacy Software Update & Free Access For You! (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens405 (20.20%)646 (12.8.%)
Clicks71 (3.54%)116 (2.3%)

Unsubscribes: 4 (0.2%)

Unopens Email (8 PM MDT)

Subject: [REPLAY] Software Update For Keyword Supremacy & Free Access For You! (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens343 (22.06%)NOT SENT
Clicks74 (4.76%)NOT SENT

Unsubscribes: 4 (0.26%)

Landing Page:

Strategies: AB SplitTest, AutoResend, Email Timers, LandingPage Timers

Webby Attendees: 161

Today $100k Sales: 12 ($7,840 commissions)

Total $100k Sales: 16 ($11,270 commissions)

$100k Contest Standings: 5th

FRIDAY AUG 23rd – Launch

Launch Day 4 Of 7


So now we are 5th on the 100K Contest Leaderboard and we have an angle that’s working.

But there’s still 3 days left in the promotion and a lot of mailing to do, which we have to be very cautious of over mailing our lists as people do get sick of promotional emails and unsubscribe.

So today, we don’t mail until much later in the day and we try to angle the email to be more about giving value rather than selling.   Just a gentle reminder that we are giving away a free value PDF and free Keyword Supremacy account with 10 credits.

This is a very soft sell angle for the $100k with this strategy, but all the ingredients are there to lead people from value to the sale, but we need to save our hard selling for the close of the $100kShoutout as close scarcity is the strongest there is and we know that.

Email 1 (3:45 PM MDT)

Subject: Did You Get Your Free PDF {$name}? (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens346 (17.28%)680 (13.4%)
Clicks92 (4.6%)141 (2.8%)

Unsubscribes: 4 (0.2%)

Unopens Email (9 PM MDT)

Subject: {$name}, Did You Download Your Free PDF Yet? (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens258 (14.62%)350 (7.5%)
Clicks71 (4.02%)46 (1%)

Unsubscribes: 1 (0.06%)

Landing Page:

Strategies: AutoResend, Email Timers, Landing Page Timers

Today $100k Sales: 2 ($460.61 commissions)

Total $100k Sales: 18 ($11,730.61 commissions)

$100k Contest Standings: 7th.  Jay Boyer joined the promo and smoked it pushing us down!  Plus John Pearce & Chris Cantell were mailing and both passed us.  YIKES!

SUNDAY AUG 25th – Launch

Launch Day 6 Of 7

OUR OBJECTIVE: Prove $100kShoutOut Actually Works For Others

Today I decided just to follow the format that Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz suggested and promote their PDF for 4 Case Studies.  I like this angle because once again it’s a soft sell where we are giving away value, but it’s still a powerful sales tool.  The PDF contains 4 Case Studies of real users generating a lot of profits using their methods.  So that’s what I focus on in the emails.

We also want to gently remind people that the $100k Shoutout & $10k Bonus offer is in it’s final few hours to help push them to make a buying decision so countdown timers are now added to the landing page and that has a massive impact on sales.

We pull in 11 more sales today & $6,680 in commissions.  Scarcity just works everytime…

This is the perfect angle for a Sunday.

Email 1 (12:15 PM MDT)

Subject: ANOTHER Free PDF! 4 Real Case Studies & 3 Secrets To $100k/month. (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens392 (19.65%)703 (13.9%)
Clicks64 (3.21%)81 (1.6%)

Unsubscribes: 1 (0.05%)

Unopens Email (9 PM MDT)

Subject: [Download] 4 Real Case Studies & 3 Secrets To $100k/month. ANOTHER Free PDF (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens235 (12.88%)308 (6.7%)
Clicks34 (1.86%)25 (0.5%)

Unsubscribes: 4 (0.22%)

Landing Page:

Strategies: AutoResend, Landing Page Scarcity Timers

Today $100k Sales: 11 ($6,680 commissions)

Total $100k Sales: 29 ($18,410.61 commissions)

$100k Contest Standings: Back Into 5th, but 7th to 4th is all pretty dam close.  We need a huge closing day.

MONDAY AUG 26th – Closing Day

Launch Day 7 Of 7


Ah the final day!  But our job is far from done since we have now fallen from 5th to 7th place on the leader board and that kinda sucked to know.  However, we have 2 major advantages right now.

  1. Our promotion angle is working!  We had our second best day of sales on a Sunday so really all we have to do is push now a little more aggressively.
  2. Scarcity is now massive as there is less than 24 hours left to purchase $100k Shoutout and receive our big bonus.

So being that this is the last day, we decide that we’re going to  release one more piece of value content in the morning, and use the afternoon to basically push the closing scarcity of the promotion ending.

Since we know our users typically want to know that we also use the products we promote with success (which isn’t always possible, but in the case it was) I decided to put together a GoogleDoc Case Study to showcase the results we ourselves achieved with our own “test case” on the $100kShoutout / AmpiFire method.

We had run an AMPIFire campaign close to the beginning of our promo using a local rank & rent site.  We figured that it would come in useful at some point in the promotion and this was the perfect opportunity to use it as the day before, we sent out the Case Study proving the methods worked for others. and now we were proving it worked for us personally as well.

The nice thing about it being a Google Doc, was that anyone could view it and see others viewing it which gave it some social proof.  Also, I was able to add to it and update it even after we linked out to it.  I also included a link back to our landing page and even a countdown timer as part of the CTA found at the bottom of the sheet.  The whole strategy worked beautifully.

The evening emails were short & sweet with email countdown timers pushed right to the top of the email.

No trying to showcase features, benefits or bonuses.  We assumed that people already had enough knowledge of the promotion and bonuses at this point, so our only objective was to tell them IT’S ENDING SOON.

Once again…scarcity always works…every time.

Email 1 (12:00 PM MDT)

Subject: Did We TRY $100k ShoutOut Ourselves & Get Results? YES…here’s proof. (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens399 (20.05%)587 (11.6%)
Clicks71 (3.57%)90 (1.8%)

Unsubscribes: 5 (0.25%)

Closing Email (5 PM MDT)

Subject: 100k Shoutout closes PERMANENTLY in a few hours. So does our bonus (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens230 (11.57%)398 (7.9%)
Clicks17 (0.92%)25 (0.5%)

Unsubscribes: 3 (0.15%)

Closing Email Unopens (9 PM MDT)

Subject: [CLOSES IN 4 HOURS] $100k Shoutout & $10,000 Bonus. (view email)

StatsMailer LiteAweber
Opens163 (8.86%)255 (5.3%)
Clicks17 (0.92%)27 (0.6%)

Unsubscribes: 2 (0.11%)

Landing Page:

Strategies: AutoResend, Email Scarcity Timer & Landing Page Scarcity Timers

Today $100k Sales: 20 ($12,200 commissions)

Total $100k Sales: 49 ($30,610.61 commissions)

$100k Contest Standings: We freakin moved up to 4th with a massive strong scarcity close!


How We Used It

I’m going to start off the tools section with our email list / autoresponder because I personally believe this to have the greatest impact in our overall sales volume for the entire promotion.  Email is the primary tool we used to communicate our message to our audience.

We also used ManyChat to remind people about our webinars, but we never promote directly to Messenger so I won’t cover that.

We used both MailerLite & Aweber as an auto-responder to send our emails because we recently began switching over to MailerLite from Aweber due to decreasing deliver-ability issues we were experiencing with Aweber.  Quite a few other marketers have noticed and talked about this on social media.

It’s also important to note that our Aweber list is bigger and older than our MailerLite list, which has some effect on the stats you are about to read.  But you’ll see how overwhelming the data is in favor of MailerLite, that list size and age really shouldn’t matter.

So Why Did We Chose To Move To MailerLite?

A few reasons actually.

  1. No Double Charging For Subscribers.
    Aweber allows you to have as many “lists” as you like in your account.  But a single subscriber is counted for each time they appear on a list meaning that if they are on 5 lists, Aweber counts that as 5 subscribers and charges your for it.  MailerLite also allows you to have multiple lists, but they use a “tagging” feature for each list so if a subscriber belongs to multiple lists, it only means they have multiple tags, and you don’t get multiple charges.
  2. Ability To Control Authentication.
    Part of the problem with email deliver-ability is the authentication of the emails being sent.  With an autoresponder service like Aweber, they are the signing authority for your emails, which is shared with all other users of the system, which is bad news!  This allows others with shady email practices to affect your emails getting delivered across the major ISPs and mail providers.  MailerLite, on the other hand, allows you to authenticate your own emails with your own DomainKeys/SKIM and SenderID/SPF records.

We still segmented what we sent to both lists as best we could, so as not to “double mail” but it still may have happened to a small handful of users.

Before I talk about the specific strategies we really benefited from by using MailerLite I’ll first point out the 500 Pound Gorilla…


As you can see from the stats we took in the image above (click it to enlarge), there wasn’t a single email in which the open or click through rates on MailerLite weren’t considerably higher than on Aweber.  And what’s even more nutz is…

on Mailerlite were at least 2 TIMES HIGHER
Over Every Email Sent During The Promo!!

This is absolutely insane data.

The Aweber list was 2.5 times the size of the MailerLite list which is why by numbers, we got more opens and clicks on average.  But that’s not the number that really counts to marketers.

It’s the efficiency of the list by size measured in average percentages that really matters and MailerLite had over 2x the open rate on average and over 2.2x the click through rate!

Basically what that really boils down to is that if we had all our subscribers on Mailerlite, we could have at least DOUBLED our sales!

Features Of Mailer Lite We Used

This feature of MailerLite allowed us to automatically schedule a resend of that days email with a new subject line, to only un-opens for that email on a schedule we chose.  This was not only a massive time saver (as it only took an extra minute or two to set up), but it also made sure we were mailing people at different times based on when they would be most likely to open and read our emails.  We did mail un-opens at Aweber as well, but it’s an extremely time consuming and tedious affair over there.  Mailerlite made it a breeze.

A/B Split Test
We actually only use this feature one time throughout the promo, as we relied so heavily on the auto-resend feature instead.  However, using this feature allowed us to set up an automatic split test of our subject line.  MailerLite sent 100 of one subject, and 100 of the other, and measured the open rates of both, than proceeded to send the rest of the emails 1 hour later to only the winning subject line!

I love this feature!!!!!!

We also have the ability to edit the test size of 100 to anything we wish, or schedule the winner to go out after a certain amount of time with 1 hour being the minimum.

How We Used It

Avada has long been our WordPress theme of choice for design & customization for all our websites, including this one!

However in this particular promotion, the single most important feature of Avada that we used on this promo was the “Timed Settings” for a block of content on a website.

The landing pages for our promotion were built out completely to start, however we only wanted to release certain sections of the content at a time.  Notice our Aug 16th Landing Page had far less content on in than our Aug 17th Landing page.

Rather than stay up until midnight on Aug 16th to make the necessary changes to the landing page for our Aug 17 email (which we revealed more bonuses) to match with our 8AM scheduled emails, we were able to set specified blocks of content on our landing pages to automatically show or hide based on the time.

So in this instance, we hid all the additional bonus content and set it to automatically publish to live at midnight so it would be automatically ready in the morning.

WordPress Theme & Tools

How We Used It

Just like Avada mentioned above, Thrive Themes is also a WordPress theme.  However, it also comes with a pretty awesome suite of tools as part of the membership. And while we used Avada to control the actual content and design of our landing pages, Thrive Themes came in very handy in another way with a few of those extra tools called Thrive Leads & Thrive Builder.

We used Thrive Leads (a built in lead capture platform, connected to GotoWebinar via the Thrive API settings) & Thrive Builder (a visual builder) in combination to create a GotoWebinar opt in box that popped up right on our landing page.

There were a couple of advantages of doing this:

  1. Control The Registration Process
    We were able to get people registered to our webinars without having to send them off our landing page.  Typically, people go to the GotoWebinar registration page.  You can see an example of this pop-up box & GotoWebinar on our Aug 16 & Aug 17 landing pages.
  2. Set Our Affiliate Cookie Early
    Because we were using ThriveLeads, we were also able to redirect people who opted into our webinar through our affiliate link for the $100k Shoutout and onto their site to get more information.  A great way to “cookie” people who were interested in the $100 or our bonus!

How We Used It

Project Supremacy v3 is our software that we created, and it does a ton of stuff.

I’ll quickly use this opportunity to do a shameless plug 🙂
PSv3 (for short) is a WordPress Manager, Schema Builder, Backup Solution, SEO Plugin, 301 Manger, Optimization Dashboard, Keyword Research Tool, Link Manager & like 500 more features built into one software and one plugin.  Saves you a lot of headaches by only having 1 tool instead of 20. 

You can get a free account which will allow you to manage up to 50 websites free forever, with a 14 day free trial of all the PRO features!  

But the one feature that we used a TON on this promotion was the Link Manager.

Basically the PSv3 Link Manager allows you to create domain branded “pretty links” that you can use internally on your site in the form of a [shortcode], or externally (in emails, social posts etc.) in the form of a pretty link that look like this:

Where we used these links was in our emails and the reason why was massively important.

It Was So We Could Control Where
The Links In Our Emails Pointed To,
Even After The Email Was Already Sent!

The reason we needed to do this is because we actually had 2 versions of our landing page:

  • The first one used during the pre-launch was meant to get people to sign up to our webinar on Aug 20th at 8am
  • The second one was used during the launch and was built to send the clicks through our affiliate links.

Well we know that people often read their emails days after they were sent.  Well rather than lose those clicks to the wrong landing page, we simply changed the PSv3 link direction to the sales based landing pages.

We could have also done this with a PSv3 301 redirect as well, but we wanted to keep tracking the clicks from the emails.

How We Used It

ConvertBox is one of our secret weapons, and I don’t really know of that many people who use or even know about it.  That might be because it’s not officially for sale on the home page, as the owner Dean Saunders keeps further developing and upgrading it!  It’s seriously amazing tho.

As you can see from Aug 25 and Aug 26 entries, two of our biggest days of sales, scarcity played a massive role in getting more sales.   But scarcity only really works if the visitors to our landing pages are constantly reminded that the offer is closing soon.

For this we used ConvertBox scarcity timers with a countdown timer and affiliate link built in.

We also used a pop up modal on the landing page with a different view style to remind people of upcoming webinars put on by Chris & Jay.

However, ConvertBox doesn’t just do scarcity timers and buttons. You can integrate with a lot of API’s to collect leads instead of drive visits.

We even used a 2 Step Style ConvertBox to give access to the sales page again after the official launch was over since Chris & Jay opened a back door.  We made 2 more sales just from this ConvertBox alone 🙂

In Email Countdown & Scarcity Timers

How We Used It

Any time we sent an email where we were pushing a webinar, we’d use Sendtric to count down to the start of the webinar and make the color of the timer a nice pleasing blue.  We have found that doing this eliminates the TimeZone conversion math issue that a lot of people (including myself) get confused by.  Everyone knows what 2 hours from now it.

Of course, when the closing scarcity came into play, those same timers were used in the emails but were now counting down to the close of the promotion and red digits were used to signify the stopping of something.

Countdown To Webinar StartCountdown to Promo End

Since email was our initial point of contact, it was very important that those timers be in the email, as well as on the landing pages using ConvertBox and were not only synced to each other, but also to match the countdown timer Chris & Jay used on their sales pages.

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