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The LinkedIn Opportunity

It is no surprise LinkedIn is the best place to find professional connections. LinkedIn is full of professional, business people. They have a higher net worth. You are able to connect with higher level executives directly - avoiding the gatekeeper completely. These stats alone make LinkedIn leads the most valuable leads you can get in front of (more than any other social media network). So how do you take these connections and convert them [...]

The Flexy List Building Method

Want to learn the most effective, easiest list building method that does not require, Ads, Sales Pages or Funnels? Great follow along, and I will teach you something you most likely have never seen of or heard about. I’m coining this “The Flexy List Building Method” I’m bringing sexy back to list building. And this is probably the most underlooked less known way to build a list. At the same time, it's the lowest [...]